Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Present - 2nd overall, 1st veteran

After a very sick beginning to the week and doing no training for the second part of the week I had low expectations for Sunday's London League at Gunpowder Park. It was a lowly Cat C race and my motivation was similarly low even though it was my birthday. To top things off Phil Roach, one of the top veterans in the country had turned up which was a real surprise. My arch rival in the London League Jon Lyons lined up next to me with his Rhinos on for the mud and wet so I reckoned that I was going to take a real battering in the vets race. But I had to pull something out of the bag as Andy couldn't race having ripped his rear mech off his only bike warming up, he was relegated to keeping Geoff company on the drums. Check out the posting below.

Things couldn't really have turned out more differently to my expectations. By the end of the first lap I was in second place just 10 seconds behind Darren Barclay whose wheel I couldn't hold when he accelerated on a draggy uphill section - that was the last we all saw of him as he soloed away to win race convincingly. But with such a good position this early on my confidence grew and I knew that I was in contention for a good placing as I was comfortably able to ride with the others in my group of Matt Holmes, Billy Jo Whenman and Phil Roach. Over the next few laps our group was whittled down to just myself and Phil but with three laps to go Gareth Montgomerie had bridged to us and then put some pressure on forcing Phil out the back. By now I was on for the podium but really wanted to get 2nd so rather than gamble on a sprint I attacked as we passed the bell ringing for the final lap. My attack failed as Gareth started pulling himself back, I decided to sit up and then hit him again before the line. The second time it worked and I held a gap of a few seconds as I passed Geoff on drums and into the final stretch to beat the Gareth to the line. It was my best overall league result this year and topped off my birthday nicely.

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