Thursday, November 25, 2010

That's what I'm talking about

FMB with Rhino tread, originally uploaded by Kevin Knox.

I sent off my rotten Dugast Rhino to FMB last week, and then this arrived by UPS this morning. Totally unexpected to get it so soon, and an amazing service as I was really expecting everything to be done on a French time scale. It wasn't cheap, in fact it would have been less costly to buy a new Dugast Rhino or new FMB by the time you've factored in postage costs and the bank charges for money transfer (they don't take credit cards on the FMB website). It's worth it though as the FMB comes with the carcass pre treated to prevent rotting so it should be more durable than the Dugast one. Money well spent I hope.


  1. This is mighty encouraging -I'm gonna push on through til mine fall apart completely then send 'em.

  2. how do I get mine done, the fmb site is surprisingly rubbish!


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