Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winning a sprint (for 10th!)

A luckluster race at the National Trophy last weekend was saved by sneaking a sprint finish for tenth place, a small victory in and otherwise poor race for me. Although starting well from the front row of the grid and keeping it together through the first few turns I lost motivation in my legs, but more importantly in my head, and was unable to keep up with the leaders. By the end of the first lap any hope of another top 5 had vanished along with any fight that I had left in me.

All became clear on the long drive back south to London, I felt worse and worse during the journey and was barely able to unpack the car. By the evening I felt terrible and was sick all night. I've only just started to feel better two days later. At least I know that it wasn't my lack of race fitness causing me to feel so unmotivated and weak, when you get ill, that's it, nothing you can do but to sit it out. Bring on Southampton in a fortnight, I've got unfinished business.

Andy Jones's photo here on cycling weekly illustrates my mood after the race perfectly

On a more positive note I'm really excited about getting Vicious Velo off the ground for 2011 and hoping we can get the new kit sorted out in time for Nationals in January. We're bound to get noticed...

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