Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vicious Velo guide to Rotten Racing #1 — Violence

Violence is nothing to shy away from; in fact, you can use it to your advantage. Physical intimidation is just as useful in cycle racing as it is in real life, be it a kick at an annoyingly superior competitor in a bike race, or a punch to someone who's flicked you in a sprint. Give 'em a black eye and they won't do it again!

Richard Groenendaal = VICIOUS!
Giving a good exampe above of using violence against other riders (lapped losers) and below, to spectators is Richard Groenendaal, legendary Dutch hardman and now owner of the Dugast tubular company. Follow Richard's lead and don't be put off attacking spectators — if you've got a number on your back, you've got a free reign to be as wild as you like. Roll with it.

The Vicious Velo guide to Rotten Racing will aim to share tips with you on just how you too can get better results from less effort, skill and talent, simply by being a horrible little bastard on the bike. Got any tips or tricks? Share them in the comments!


  1. Can't believe you passed up Bart's finest moment in crowd control:


    Watch at 56 secs onwards.

    Hinault (the Blaireau) has had a good grasp of the concept too over the years.

  2. The first one is pure Burwell is his racing hey day!

  3. I do like Bartje's moment of madness, I might save it for another time.

  4. yeah, whack up the Wellens attack and don't forget Berden's brilliant move too.

    are VV going to get vicious enough to be bunch sprinters?

    Tom Steels' bottle incident was great too


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