Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vicious Velo guide to Rotten Racing #1a — MORE Violence

Thanks to some readers we've got even more examples of bike racing violence for your delectation.
First up is Karate Kid Bart Wellens who, like our friend Richard Groenendaal, is pissed off with a lippy spectator. Unlike Groenendaal, Wellens doesn't slow down for his act of Viciousness, preferring the high speed karate kick approach. Bravo Bartje!

Tom "Hard As" Steels is another hero — imagine having the presence of mind to reach down, pick up your bottle, then launch it at another rider, all at 60kph (or more) in a bunch sprint! We mortals can but dream.

Last, and in this case, least, are Carlos Barredo and Rui Costa at the 2010 Tour. These boys just look like angry queens, bitch fighting over some guy they fancy. Fighting in road shoes is not cool. If you're going to incorporate violence into your racing repertoire, do it before the finish line — anytime after that is just lame.

UPDATE How did I forget to put Mark Renshaw's awesome headbutt in here? This is ideal bike racing violence that would never be picked up on at anything below televised international races. Renshaw is another hero.

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