Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vicious winter training

It's not all turbo training and cross racing for us: on Sunday we took Ben and Boom from Condor on a delightful tour of South London's premiere dogging spots, linking up parks and playing fields and little patches of woodland. We never got further than about six miles from home and yet we still managed to ride 2.5hrs without getting cold or bored.
This doesn't really look like much, and on an MTB in the dry, it isn't. On a cross bike though, it's pretty sketchy, just becasue there's shit loads of slick, cambered roots all across the line you want to take.
Good to see Dirty Bird back on his bike — he's third man through. He's a nob isn't he?


  1. That video is SHIT ! BORRRRRING !

  2. That spot looks like a good place to practice for the descent at Peel Park, Bradford.

    Has Andy got his wellies on?

  3. Sb - what kind of boring name is that.


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