Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yellow snow and a return to form

We had quite a good return to racing at the traditional post-Xmas puke-fest at Footscray in Kent. I (Andy, Hi, nice to meet you) came 3rd, Kevin came 7th (and first vet) and Dirty Bird gave up.

It's always heavy going down there as the ground is disconcertingly rough and covered in mole hills (weird) and obviously, with snow still hanging around, it was even harder going. Kevin had a really good start and was up into the front group with Billy-Joe Whenman, Jamie Newall and Paul Schier while I floundered a bit behind. As Jamie and Billy escaped, Kev got dropped whilst I started moving up, first past him, then past Paul.

Next thing, Jamie was sat at the side of the track picking course tape out of his cassette and I was up into second. At that point I got a time check that Billy Beans was only 12 secs ahead and I was catching him, so it occurred to me I might win. Which would have been nice.

Didn't happen though. First Newall flew past, I sat on his wheel for a bit, but got so much filthy yellow snow and slushy shit in my eyes I couldn't actually see any more as we entered a technical bit, so had to slow down to have blinking fit._V5N1878
Then, when he caught Billy, he attacked, with Billy jumping into his wheel and extending his lead.
After the race we hung around for an hour and a half to receive our prize money. I got £10 for coming third, which, as the entry fee was £12 meant I only lost £2 — seriously, what's the point of giving out prize money, especially for a podium, that is less than the entry fee????
They couldn't work out the placings as far down as Kev, who came 7th, so he left empty handed. Hilarious.
And freezing.
Snow's all gone now, so with any luck our kit will be racing to our South London squat/clubhouse unimpeded from Belgium. If you want to see it in action, come along to Foxhall Stadium in Ipswich next Sunday — we'll be there, suited and booted.
Can't wait.
All these EXCELLENT photos are by THISview on Flickr — check out his stream

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