Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear the media

Dear Media professionals/graffiti artists/results compositors, from this point on we respectfully request that in all media releases ViCiOUS VELO be written in capitals with lower case "i"'s.

There is no "I" in ViCiOUS VELO.

Sticking with our punk ethos, you are free to hyphenate and/or use the prefix "Team" as you prefer. Failure to comply with our initial request however will result in withdrawal of your media agency's access to the team, and possibly other sanctions through the courts.

How this will look in written communications:

Correct: ViCiOUS VELO smashed the field to smithereens and won by 24mins.
Incorrect: Team Viscous VelO were disqualified for being drunk.

You will notice the author of the second quote has also spelled the word ViCiOUS incorrectly. What an idiot.

Thanks for your help in establishing the proper team name standards. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Oh yeah, go read Team Leopard Trek's letter to Cycle Sport


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