Sunday, January 9, 2011

National Championships, Derby: 20th place

pic by for British Cycling
Just back from an awesome weekend at the National Championships in Derby. I really, really REALLY wanted to come in the top 20, and I did, finishing 20th. Just made it!
The race started well for me, from the third row on the grid I was out of trouble despite some nasty crashes on the start straight. From that point on, I can't really remember much — I just kept my head down, kept pedaling, tried not to crash and tried not to let people overtake me. I was pretty much successful on all fronts, bar not letting people past. At one point I was up in about 15th, but that didn't last long...
I'll let Kev come on and update you on his double weekend, racing Saturday in the Vets and Sunday again in the seniors. Tough guy!
It was great to get loads of support all the way through the race. It's amazing how many people are getting behind us already, and we've only done two races in ViCiOUS kit. Thanks everyone who cheered us on. Special thanks to anyone who gobbed on us, called us cunts and jeered us — we love that stuff. Keep it coming!
Looking anguished - pic by


  1. I'll write something tomorrow. The Belgian beers are kicking in and I can't be trusted to write anything that won't have the wrong words in the wrong places. Superb ride from you today, next year top 15.

  2. Well done both of you - you did V.V. proud.

    Nice one getting 20th Andy you deserve it. Hardcore as always Kevin racing both races on the Sat and Sun and placing well.

    Sorry I couldn't make it, I was there in vicious spirit though!!


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