Monday, January 10, 2011

National Championships - twice the ViCiOUSness


Vets race: I had a bit of a fight with Mark James. I wondered if the ViCiOUS kit had anything to do with it? After that the battle was on, he'd got away from me but I wasn't going to let it go. The rest of the race I was chasing to get places back and thankfully I managed claw the places back that I lost and finish ahead of Mark. I was 7th and less than 30 seconds off my main goal of a top 5. Without the tussle it could have been top 5...

Seniors race: no fights. I was gridded on the 4th row and had a really good first half a lap avoiding both of the big pile ups on the first couple of bends, I couldn't believe my luck. The rest of the race was a continuous battle with so many riders within just a few seconds of each other. I just kept on trying to chase down the next rider and not give up. Loads of shouts of encouragement really helped me on, it was incredible. I had no idea were I was, at one point someone said 37th to me. The chequered flag was a long time coming, 1hr12 mins of grinding through the mud but I was so pleased to have achieved my goal of not being lapped, and on the drive home, even more pleased when I found out that I was in the top 30! Without my tyre blow-out on the final lap a top 25 could have been possible. I'm feeling stronger and really looking forward to Rutland next week, gonna smash it.

A Massive thanks to everyone that helped us out one way or another, or just came up to us to ask about ViCiOUS VELO. Also, a special thanks to Ken Jones and Chris Spencer from Onimpex/BioRacer for getting our kit made and ready for the Nationals in next to no time.



  1. Loving the Cross Crazy press release!

    Come on you nob heads try and catch me (preferably in three months time if thats OK)


  2. Stu, we need some roadies to clean our bikes. Join us.

  3. Just wanted to say how truly excellent your club looks. Well done guys. Not sure what the stuffy South East board will say about your reckless views on officialdom!

  4. Thanks Alan, we're gonna stick it to the man!


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