Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cafe Punks


After yesterday's poor performance at Hog Hill I needed something gentle. I met up with Dirty Bird, Graham and Charlie (Sid's cousin no less, look how well he flicks the V, it's in the genes). Birdy and Graham gave me a good beating while I was down, once I'm back on form I'll try to repay the favour.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to ViCiOUS VELO's latest addition to the team. Veteran drinker Gary Lingard, he's a Cockney Hackney boy that's been dishing out the aggro all season in the National Trophy Cyclo-Cross season and almost found himself staggering onto the podium at the National Championships. Good to have you in the band Gary.


Our mate Lord Muck has put together a punk rock podcast just for us. He's partial to a bit of rotten racing himself so who better to choose some punk to listen to when you're smashing it up on your bike.

Check our more from Lord Muck at

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Kinda tempts me to get my BMX out again during the cross off-season.
Then again...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cicle Classic 2010 - Smashing it up!!

This is for Andy and Kevin. Just to make you feel a bit better - I wrote my bike off for 4 months last year doing this and have only just been able to start sleeping on my right side from the shoulder injury!

Till next year

Broke my bike, race over. Season over.

See you in September.
End of season mess

Self abuse - London League Team Champs

Following on from punching myself in the face and smashing up my teeth last weekend, this weekend I started work on remodelling my ankles. I did two laps this time before falling off my bike, rolling my ankle and smashing my knee into a tree trunk. Seriously though that I'd bust it at the time.

Not to be out done, Waterman decide to rip an ultregra lever off of his handlebars by smashing it into the muddy quagmire at high speed. That was his race over.

Meanwhile Dirty Bird was keeping it clean today and finished with himself and bike in one piece. Likewise, new ViCiOUS VELO rider Paul Scheers kept himself on the straight and narrow to finish in the top ten at today's London League team champs. Shame you can't rely on your team mates to finish, if either me or Andy had made it to the chequered flag we would have been second team. That wouldn't have been very punk though, self destruction is far preferable to being second best.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

ViCiOUS VELO guide to Rotten Racing - #3a Team Work

Remember: Never openly celebrate your team mates victory, after all it SHOULD have been you. As Richard Groenendaal shows, one finger displeasure is good, but at ViCiOUS VELO we believe the use of two fingers is always better. (Image comes courtesy of Melv.)

Today's race was bollocks

I took a chunk out of one of my front teeth by smashing myself in the face running over the hurdles, it was pretty stupid. It felt worse at the time than it really was as I had bits of teeth, the taste of blood in my mouth and I couldn't see the damage. Having already punctured and been forced to run half of the overly elaborate course it was my cue to DNF. Shameful I know but I was worried about my good looks... in retrospect I should have kept going as even though I'd dropped a load of places through puncturing I was still first place veteran. Up until the puncture things were going fairly well, Andy and I had been in a group of three racing for 4th, having just been given the slip by the leading three. I wasn't on my own though Darren Barclay wasn't there in the head either, usually he's winning, today he never saw the front of the race. Cross fatigue...

Gonna see the dentist tomorrow, will ask what happens if I leave it broken. Could do with keeping hold of the several hundred quid they will want to fix it. Kind of like my new look too.

London League team champs next weekend and then cross is over for this season. One last big push.