Sunday, February 13, 2011

Self abuse - London League Team Champs

Following on from punching myself in the face and smashing up my teeth last weekend, this weekend I started work on remodelling my ankles. I did two laps this time before falling off my bike, rolling my ankle and smashing my knee into a tree trunk. Seriously though that I'd bust it at the time.

Not to be out done, Waterman decide to rip an ultregra lever off of his handlebars by smashing it into the muddy quagmire at high speed. That was his race over.

Meanwhile Dirty Bird was keeping it clean today and finished with himself and bike in one piece. Likewise, new ViCiOUS VELO rider Paul Scheers kept himself on the straight and narrow to finish in the top ten at today's London League team champs. Shame you can't rely on your team mates to finish, if either me or Andy had made it to the chequered flag we would have been second team. That wouldn't have been very punk though, self destruction is far preferable to being second best.

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  1. When we say were here to smash it up does that mean our expensive bikes and our bodies?

    Good effort boys for smashing the shit out of yourselves and kit!!


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