Monday, March 7, 2011

Second race of the season for me was the San Fairy Ann spring circuits 2 on Saturday. Raced the Clayton Velo spring classic up in Lancashire last weekend. Handicap event with some of the top British boys in the Elite group. I ended up finishing in the chasing group and felt pleased with 22nd place in my first race of the season.
This weekend was the first time I've raced at Hog Hill due to living up in Yorkshire now. Having spent the last 3 months clocking up the base miles, and just starting to get some intensity going, 30 times up the hill was going to get the blood flowing! I felt pretty well during the early laps, just trying to hide and not expending to much energy. Kevin seemed pretty active early on which I think he payed for a bit later on when things started to heat up.
When the pace did go up and the attacks started, it was just a case of staying on wheels and trying to go with the moves. With a break of 8 or 9 riders getting away the rest of the field started to fragment with another group forming and others chasing. Just didn't have enough to go with it and ended up in a group of 4 with Kevin, which also split up in the last few laps. The race leaders came across the line just as I was crossing it for my final lap.
A bit disappointed not to have finished a bit further up the field but good workout all the same, ended up with 20th place!

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  1. great!ur hardwork & training got u thru it.congratulations!


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