Sunday, April 17, 2011

TESCO Rutland - Melton UCI International CiCle Classic

167km - 4hr 28min - av speed 38km/hr

Epic race again this year and managed to do a bit better despite chain slipping off at one point and having to chase back on for over an hour.

After a good 50-60km warm up around Rutland water the race really got going when we hit the farm roads. With 150+ riders bottle-necking into the narrow country lanes the chaos ensued with the top riders going hard at the front and the punctures, crashes and general fighting for space happening behind.

With a good group moving away at around the 80-90km mark I found myself in the chasing group and was actually feeling quite good. Then, during one of the laps around Owston my chain managed to jump off the big ring as we were going hard up an incline. This took what seemed like 5mins to sort out and once going again I found myself TTing back to other riders most of which I passed until I got going with Dan Duguid from Sigma. We rode hard together for around an hour until we managed to get back onto a chasing group.

Going into the last sector of off road, which was a terrible piece of road, I felt strong and with 2km to go was thinking about the finish. All hopes of crossing the line were dashed though as we were stopped on the exit to the main road and told that we were outside the time limit!!!!!

Still got placed though and am pretty chuffed. Hopefully next year will be a better performance.


  1. Hey Mark, you were 72nd, Superb!!

  2. Pretty happy with that after my incident with chain slipping and having to chase back on for what seemed like hours!!

    Top 40 next year!


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