Monday, May 2, 2011

Ixworth May Day Crits & Deano revelations

I went up to Ixworth to do the crits. Never been before but wished I had. Fully closed crit racing around a smaller tight course with lots of different races. Spectators lining the main street and pubs selling beer! A superb recipe for a good day.

My races were hard enough but not so hard I wasn't able to be fairly active. I managed to just finish outside of the top 10 in both of my races partly as I wussed out in the sprints, and partly as my sprinting ability is fairly non-existant!

I also bumped into Deano post race (he won both of my races). Following on from rumours on our blog that he'd said our kit was fucking awful, he totally denied he'd ever said that and so he does like it! There you go - a bloke at the trafic lights at Elmer's End, South London jumps out of his car and stops us because he wants to buy our kit and Dean Downing likes it too. What better critical acclaim can we receive?

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  1. I had a race up in Bridlington the other week and a fellow racers wife said she loved the kit and wanted a jersey!


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