Monday, October 31, 2011

Giro Aeon in neon is on.

Check out my new Aeon helmet that compliments the ViCiOUS kit perfectly - This season is all about accessories and doing the right thing with your hair.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

MoHawkVember is nearly here

You can donate money if you want this to happen here at the give in celebration page - it's for cancer research.

No money = No MoHawk

Friday, October 28, 2011

Rapha Supercross

Photo thanks to Phil Jones
Three races, three totally different venues, all brilliant.

Rapha Supercross started with Boom, Ben and I racing in the northern homelands at Windermere and Huddersfield. Cow bells, beer and chips (not really frites) flowed a plenty. Boom and I got 1st and 2nd in Windermere on a great technical course. Huddersfield was flat and fast, and we got on the non-podium once again.

Ally Pally last weekend was the grand finale and ViCiOUS guested in the elite race. The sun was out and the course was punishing. Half of it was a long climb with a set of steps at the top. I loved it and led the women's race from the start.
Need to work on the celebration - forgot the Vs!
The ViCiOUS boys raced hard in the elites but we're still waiting for the results. ViCiOUS Andy didn't like it though - hills. Simon would have done better if he hadn't hit a hidden tree knoll towards the end, dammit.  

Basically Rapha Supercross was brilliant. We'll have some more next year please.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Boom and Waters were the highest placed fancy dressed riders in their categories at Muddy Hell. Finding 2nd and 4th respectively.
The winners of their races didn't make a single bit of effort. Those riders know deep in their hearts, ViCiOUS clowns outwitted them, pyrrhic victories count.

Friday, October 14, 2011


For the past couple of years all the blokes I know have jumped on the MoVember bandwagon, growing pissy, horrible moustaches every autumn. I know it's for charity so it's inherently a "good thing" and I'm probably going to go to HELL for criticising them, but seriously, if having bum-fluff on your lip made you look like a prick when you were 14, it ain't gonna look good now you're 30.
So to recognise this FACT we decided to go our own way and institute the inaugural Vicious Velo MoHawkVember. If you're going to look like a dickhead, you at least don't want to look like you're trying to blend in in Dalston (I'm yet to see a mohawk in EC2; if they start appearing before November 1, I might need to have a rethink).
As of November 1, I (and hopefully at least Dirty Bird, Kev, and Badass) will be shaving my head to raise money for a charity I've not yet decided on. Probably something to do with cancer.
You can't go wrong with cancer, everyone hates the fucker.
By way of inspiration here are some photos of Joe Strummer looking cool with a mohawk. Joe Strummer was categorically a good bloke, you won't hear a bad word said about him anywhere. Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver on the other hand was a bit of a nutjob, but that mohawk is probably the most iconic of the last 40 years so it would be churlish to exclude it on the basis of Bickle's uncharitable behaviour. It's just a film people, calm down.
Keep your eyes peeled here for a Just Giving Page or something similar. In the meantime, go and follow Dom Mason on Twitter. He's a bike industry friend of ours who is doing MoHawkVember to raise money for his nephew who's just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Like I said, everyone hates cancer, go and show Dom your support.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting in the mood for Muddy Hell

Racing schedule

All being well and good I am racing 6 of the next 7 weekends.  There seems to be a lot of options if one spreads their wings a little from the clutches of London, so it has taken a while to nail down which races to do.

This by the way comes off the back of a total lack of planning on my part.  I have been heading into each week end not knowing which race I would be doing, which is a little ridiculous when you have a family, where precision planning is the order of the day.  Also it doesn't help the racing in general - going from one race to another is no good.

So I've decided to plan out my season.  There are a few races I really want to do just because, a few I really want to do well in, and a few that I can't do.  I am still in draft mode on the plan but the next month is looking to be sorted. 

16/10 - Wessex league (Kevin and Paul plan to do this also).  Was going to be doing Eastern league but we're in Berkshire visiting the In-Laws so this is more convenient.  

22/10 - Muddy Hell.  The whole frickin' lot of us are down to do this, so it should be a riot.  Busy day leading into this, so not holding out for much but it will be good fun nonetheless. *note; need to get a light for this one, otherwise it's death round the back of the velodrome for me.

23/10 - Super Cross @ AllyPally Super exciting, say no more.  6 of us in VV are vying for 5 spots in the invitational race.  whoever loses out will still get a ride in the support race so I'm looking forward to this whatever.

30/10 - National Trophy, Leicester.  London League is at Hillingdon. That race pretty much finished me off last year after racing through bronchitis so it doesn't hold many good memories.  This will be my first National Trophy so I'm going into it as a learning experience.  Hopefully I'll make it to the National champs this season, so this sort of race with the full day schedule, and big race  will help towards that no end.

The week end after I'm in Devon, no races down that way so it fits nicely with a week off!  Following that is another set of 3.  So that's me sorted through to December.  Life organised.

Full on organisation

Now to get myself in some sort of shape for this shit and avoid any embarassment. Easy peasy with a couple kids under 3.

Pah, yeah right...  Watch this space!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Number One ViCiOUS Old Git

Even though I missed last week's opening National Trophy race somehow I've managed to rack up enough points to move to the top of the veteran's national rankings. Double races on the previous two weekends and podiums in all of them helped to rack up some points but staying there is going to be a challenge...

national rank 1st (10.10.11)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Very post Peaks

It's been two weeks since the Three Peaks but I'm still using it as an excuse for feeling wrecked (ref my last 2 races) so it's still ok to blog about it.
My peaks prep was put off track by being knocked off in a hit and run a few weeks before the race. Bastard. So I wasn't expecting much and just went to enjoy the fells and post race ale.
It was a rainy and gloomy start at Helwith Bridge. I had a bad start on the road section but clawed back places on Simons Fell and the rest of Ingleborough. The story of my race was keeping my position on the climbs and making up time by riding downhill like a madwoman.

I ended up 6th woman which I was pleased with considering the poor prep. Terry 'Dadass' Beddis got 3rd in the 60+ category. So a good day.

Photo thanks to Andy Jones (think that's his name...). I wasn't in ViCiOUS kit because I only own a skin suit which wouldn't work for the Peaks. I'll sort it out next year.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to Basildon

Matt and I went to Essex today for the Eastern League at Basildon. After suffering 90minutes of his whining (see below...) I suffered an hour of racing round the hilliest cyclocross circuit this side of the Three Peaks. Seriously, three times per lap I was in my most geriatric of granny gears, grinding away at a single figure cadence. It was horrific.
In fact, it was beyond horrific, it was sadistic.
I thought Essex was meant to be flat? An ideal hunting ground for a fat lad like me. But no, apparently someone, somehow has relocated the fucking Himalayas to fucking Basildon.
I rolled in 7th, having popped like balloon in the last three laps and lost 2.30mins and 4 places in about 20mins of racing. Not ideal, but better than Matt!
Anyway, back for more tomorrow, this time in Hitchin, which unless I'm mistaken is distinctly un-Alpine, so hopefully more up my (Quality) street.

The very unViCiOUS side of life

tHE problem with colds is it’s not a proper illness.  You know, bone breakage, Bronchitis, man-flu – proper stuff that means riding your bike is not an option.  With a cold you always think there is a possibility of getting a little bike time in.  Even though you’re not on it, you’re not off it either so your head is always scanning the training plan (PAH right!) wanting to throw the leg over and get a ride in.  Even 20mins on the turbo, perhaps a light hour ride, steady of course nothing silly. 

Then it happens.  You end up riding for two hours, go into the red Just for that split second (or maybe 30 as you power up and over the little lump in the road) and your lungs tell you it was a silly move.  Like sitting on the turbo for an hour going through 1minute intervals in the dead of winter, pushing, pushing pushing even though you HR doesn’t touch 150bpm.  Like Riding to work in a rainstorm, just because.  It’s ok, just a cold.  Except most of the time it’s not a good move.  Some of the time you get away with it, push the envelope to the limit, get the rest in and recover, everything is great, in fact bonus training.  These little gains tempt you to do it again, the next time you get a cold. The rest of time you take a step back.

Well this has been me. For just over a week I've had cold.  Enough to render racing last week end out the question.  Saturday was Eastern league, missed it – gutted.  Sunday was London league @ Herne Hill. (I like the venue and it’s a well organized race, but 140starters was enough to convince me missing this was a good move).  Itching to get on the bike, it wasn’t enough to stop me going for a 2hr ‘easy’ ride on Sunday.  When I got home I averaged 230watts and 28.5kph.  Dick head, what was I thinking?  I felt fine, legs were good it’s all ok, nice and steady.  Yeah well the legs were fine because you’ve rested for a couple days and the weather was amazing you idiot.

So on Monday it’s a step backwards.  No worries, take it easy, see how we go.  Maybe get a light turbo in.  I head to the BFF press release with Andy – that keeps me off the bike, so good work.  Wednesday comes and the cold is coming out – great news, contemplate a bit of cross training with Boom and Baddass… decide not to for a couple reasons, and hindsight tells me this was a good move   Thursday I actually wake up feeling ok.  Tickle in the throat but nothing bad, time to open up the gas only it’s not the right time, oh no. The weather tell me otherwise (ok that is a get out, but the Chaingang would’ve done me no good.)

So here’s the conclusion: colds are the worse things to get.  They tease you constantly into thinking everything will be ok, go for it! For over a week my brain and body have been in a battle to convince each to get out on the bike. Then the body shivers a little, the nose snuffles and tells you to just hold off until tomorrow, you’ll be able to push that little more tomorrow, play safe, remember last year when you rode on and wrecked the season.  The body is winning a battle the head normally wins and I’ve resisted being a dick and stayed off the bike other than riding to work. 

Later I am racing Eastern league.  I am feeling ok. I put in a few sprints on the ride to and from work and it wasn’t there. It’s OK though, It’ll all be good.  I have to perform. Get on with it and smash it out!  The moaning can wait till Sunday.  

Anyway it's only a fucking cold. HTFU. So for inspiration I've been watching Michael Barry in a rather hypnotic motor pacing montage.  Dunno why but I rather enjoy this.

This boy is nails anyway,  he used to do cross too.

He wouldn't have stopped for a cold, He'd have stuck two fingers up to it, wheeled his posh Pinarello and ridden behind a bike for a few hours.  Onwards to Basildon! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ben Berden on Stoemper

Can't say I know much about Ben Berden beyond the fact that he A: has tattoos B: got done for doping and C: seems like a bit of a c+£t* (see below). However, the fact that he's spending the season in the US riding for a US team and doing coaching clinics and other nice-guy-things makes me think he's probably not as much of a dick as I at first thought. Take this promo vid from his team, Stoemper, as an example - it's pretty cool
* why I thought Ben Berden was a dick and this

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shot By Both Sides, and Super Cross

I first heard Magazine on the BMX video Cassette. Shot By Both Sides kinda hung around in the back of my mind and I only just worked out what it is. It prompted a rediscovery of that video on MPORA too.
In other video news, we're doing the Super Cross race up at Ally Pally in a couple of weeks. We're not sure who's in the team yet, so we might be opening it up to you, the baying public.