Thursday, October 13, 2011

Racing schedule

All being well and good I am racing 6 of the next 7 weekends.  There seems to be a lot of options if one spreads their wings a little from the clutches of London, so it has taken a while to nail down which races to do.

This by the way comes off the back of a total lack of planning on my part.  I have been heading into each week end not knowing which race I would be doing, which is a little ridiculous when you have a family, where precision planning is the order of the day.  Also it doesn't help the racing in general - going from one race to another is no good.

So I've decided to plan out my season.  There are a few races I really want to do just because, a few I really want to do well in, and a few that I can't do.  I am still in draft mode on the plan but the next month is looking to be sorted. 

16/10 - Wessex league (Kevin and Paul plan to do this also).  Was going to be doing Eastern league but we're in Berkshire visiting the In-Laws so this is more convenient.  

22/10 - Muddy Hell.  The whole frickin' lot of us are down to do this, so it should be a riot.  Busy day leading into this, so not holding out for much but it will be good fun nonetheless. *note; need to get a light for this one, otherwise it's death round the back of the velodrome for me.

23/10 - Super Cross @ AllyPally Super exciting, say no more.  6 of us in VV are vying for 5 spots in the invitational race.  whoever loses out will still get a ride in the support race so I'm looking forward to this whatever.

30/10 - National Trophy, Leicester.  London League is at Hillingdon. That race pretty much finished me off last year after racing through bronchitis so it doesn't hold many good memories.  This will be my first National Trophy so I'm going into it as a learning experience.  Hopefully I'll make it to the National champs this season, so this sort of race with the full day schedule, and big race  will help towards that no end.

The week end after I'm in Devon, no races down that way so it fits nicely with a week off!  Following that is another set of 3.  So that's me sorted through to December.  Life organised.

Full on organisation

Now to get myself in some sort of shape for this shit and avoid any embarassment. Easy peasy with a couple kids under 3.

Pah, yeah right...  Watch this space!

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  1. Added to which, Boom, Delia & I'll be reppin at both Rapha Super Crosses this weekend. P.s. I'm going for the fancy dress prize at Muddy Hell (again)


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