Friday, October 28, 2011

Rapha Supercross

Photo thanks to Phil Jones
Three races, three totally different venues, all brilliant.

Rapha Supercross started with Boom, Ben and I racing in the northern homelands at Windermere and Huddersfield. Cow bells, beer and chips (not really frites) flowed a plenty. Boom and I got 1st and 2nd in Windermere on a great technical course. Huddersfield was flat and fast, and we got on the non-podium once again.

Ally Pally last weekend was the grand finale and ViCiOUS guested in the elite race. The sun was out and the course was punishing. Half of it was a long climb with a set of steps at the top. I loved it and led the women's race from the start.
Need to work on the celebration - forgot the Vs!
The ViCiOUS boys raced hard in the elites but we're still waiting for the results. ViCiOUS Andy didn't like it though - hills. Simon would have done better if he hadn't hit a hidden tree knoll towards the end, dammit.  

Basically Rapha Supercross was brilliant. We'll have some more next year please.

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