Monday, October 10, 2011

Very post Peaks

It's been two weeks since the Three Peaks but I'm still using it as an excuse for feeling wrecked (ref my last 2 races) so it's still ok to blog about it.
My peaks prep was put off track by being knocked off in a hit and run a few weeks before the race. Bastard. So I wasn't expecting much and just went to enjoy the fells and post race ale.
It was a rainy and gloomy start at Helwith Bridge. I had a bad start on the road section but clawed back places on Simons Fell and the rest of Ingleborough. The story of my race was keeping my position on the climbs and making up time by riding downhill like a madwoman.

I ended up 6th woman which I was pleased with considering the poor prep. Terry 'Dadass' Beddis got 3rd in the 60+ category. So a good day.

Photo thanks to Andy Jones (think that's his name...). I wasn't in ViCiOUS kit because I only own a skin suit which wouldn't work for the Peaks. I'll sort it out next year.


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