Saturday, October 8, 2011

The very unViCiOUS side of life

tHE problem with colds is it’s not a proper illness.  You know, bone breakage, Bronchitis, man-flu – proper stuff that means riding your bike is not an option.  With a cold you always think there is a possibility of getting a little bike time in.  Even though you’re not on it, you’re not off it either so your head is always scanning the training plan (PAH right!) wanting to throw the leg over and get a ride in.  Even 20mins on the turbo, perhaps a light hour ride, steady of course nothing silly. 

Then it happens.  You end up riding for two hours, go into the red Just for that split second (or maybe 30 as you power up and over the little lump in the road) and your lungs tell you it was a silly move.  Like sitting on the turbo for an hour going through 1minute intervals in the dead of winter, pushing, pushing pushing even though you HR doesn’t touch 150bpm.  Like Riding to work in a rainstorm, just because.  It’s ok, just a cold.  Except most of the time it’s not a good move.  Some of the time you get away with it, push the envelope to the limit, get the rest in and recover, everything is great, in fact bonus training.  These little gains tempt you to do it again, the next time you get a cold. The rest of time you take a step back.

Well this has been me. For just over a week I've had cold.  Enough to render racing last week end out the question.  Saturday was Eastern league, missed it – gutted.  Sunday was London league @ Herne Hill. (I like the venue and it’s a well organized race, but 140starters was enough to convince me missing this was a good move).  Itching to get on the bike, it wasn’t enough to stop me going for a 2hr ‘easy’ ride on Sunday.  When I got home I averaged 230watts and 28.5kph.  Dick head, what was I thinking?  I felt fine, legs were good it’s all ok, nice and steady.  Yeah well the legs were fine because you’ve rested for a couple days and the weather was amazing you idiot.

So on Monday it’s a step backwards.  No worries, take it easy, see how we go.  Maybe get a light turbo in.  I head to the BFF press release with Andy – that keeps me off the bike, so good work.  Wednesday comes and the cold is coming out – great news, contemplate a bit of cross training with Boom and Baddass… decide not to for a couple reasons, and hindsight tells me this was a good move   Thursday I actually wake up feeling ok.  Tickle in the throat but nothing bad, time to open up the gas only it’s not the right time, oh no. The weather tell me otherwise (ok that is a get out, but the Chaingang would’ve done me no good.)

So here’s the conclusion: colds are the worse things to get.  They tease you constantly into thinking everything will be ok, go for it! For over a week my brain and body have been in a battle to convince each to get out on the bike. Then the body shivers a little, the nose snuffles and tells you to just hold off until tomorrow, you’ll be able to push that little more tomorrow, play safe, remember last year when you rode on and wrecked the season.  The body is winning a battle the head normally wins and I’ve resisted being a dick and stayed off the bike other than riding to work. 

Later I am racing Eastern league.  I am feeling ok. I put in a few sprints on the ride to and from work and it wasn’t there. It’s OK though, It’ll all be good.  I have to perform. Get on with it and smash it out!  The moaning can wait till Sunday.  

Anyway it's only a fucking cold. HTFU. So for inspiration I've been watching Michael Barry in a rather hypnotic motor pacing montage.  Dunno why but I rather enjoy this.

This boy is nails anyway,  he used to do cross too.

He wouldn't have stopped for a cold, He'd have stuck two fingers up to it, wheeled his posh Pinarello and ridden behind a bike for a few hours.  Onwards to Basildon! 

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