Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to Basildon

Matt and I went to Essex today for the Eastern League at Basildon. After suffering 90minutes of his whining (see below...) I suffered an hour of racing round the hilliest cyclocross circuit this side of the Three Peaks. Seriously, three times per lap I was in my most geriatric of granny gears, grinding away at a single figure cadence. It was horrific.
In fact, it was beyond horrific, it was sadistic.
I thought Essex was meant to be flat? An ideal hunting ground for a fat lad like me. But no, apparently someone, somehow has relocated the fucking Himalayas to fucking Basildon.
I rolled in 7th, having popped like balloon in the last three laps and lost 2.30mins and 4 places in about 20mins of racing. Not ideal, but better than Matt!
Anyway, back for more tomorrow, this time in Hitchin, which unless I'm mistaken is distinctly un-Alpine, so hopefully more up my (Quality) street.

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  1. I Don't know. Too hot last week, too hilly this week....not very viscous. ;)


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