Monday, December 19, 2011

Vicious Cross at Herne Hill

20111218-926G5648-EditWent off like a charm! Vicious Ben won the u12's and the senior race was mostly memorable for the Curly Wurly hand-up - which the commissaires bollocked us for btw, feeding's not allowed is it! BOOOOOOO!!
Warhead kept things funky and Gem Atkinson was snapping - cheers for coming along!
Disappointment of the day were the no-shows from the espresso wagon (leaving a lot of disappointed u10's who'd been promised free coffee - apologies kids) and the no-show from Ben's Mum. Gutting.
There were a lot of broken bikes on the day, but hopefully everyone still had fun - that must have been the first sighting of mud for a lot of people!

20111218-926G5975 20111218-926G6197-Edit 20111218-926G5904

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