Saturday, December 22, 2012

ViCiOUS Doublecross Rd.1 Results

Train tracks
 Under 10 Boys
1. Joseph Blackmore HHYCC
2. Stanley Pratts HHYCC
3. Peter Mayrom HHYCC
4. Harry Wood Penge CC
5. Peter Maytom HHYCC
6. Samuel McGhee Sutton CC
Under 10 Girls
1. Nell Ludewick HHYCC
2. Hildy Bridmoore HHYCC

Under 12 Boys
1. Ben Tulett Hargroves Cycles
2. Noah Charlton VC Deal
3. Tom Martin HHYCC
4. Thomas Glaig VCL
5. Irdan Zaman Bigfoot GoRide
6. Luke Ashwood Sutton CC
7. Seth Ludewick HHYCC
8. Barasinn Unattached
9. Alex Ferri VCL
Under 14 Boys
1. Dan Tulett Hargroves Cycles
2. Remahn Ullah Herne Hill Youth CC
3. Luke Ritchie Team Darenth
4. Tom Eadey Crawley Wheelers
5. Toby Martin Team Darenth
6. Arlo Kendrick VCL
7. Freddie Argent HHYCC
8. Kareem Akinnibi HHYCC
9. Hayden Cassidy HHYCC
Under 16 Boys
1. David Barnes Condor Cycles
2. George White Sutton CC
3. George Rounce London Dynamo
4. William Fax Unattached
1.Chris McGovern Sutton CC
1. Leona Kadir Cyclelab
2. Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles
3. Anett Deli Cyclelab
4. Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands
Vets 40+
1. Mike Simpson GS Henley
2. William Girvan North Hampshire RC
3. John Polak Unattached
4. Carl Ferri Dulwich Paragon
5. Charlie Codrington HHYCC
6. Matt Levett Brixton CC
7. Richard Bremner North Hampshire RC
8. Alex Beyfus Sussex Nomads
Vets 50+
1. Mick Bell L.F.S. CC
2. Dave McMullen GWR Team
3. Dougie Fox Crawley Wheelers
4. Duncan Schwier Twickenham CC
5. Anthony Dymen Notrh Hampshire CC
6. Andy Roberts GWR Team
7. Rob Colover Unattached
1. Taylor Johnstone Team Der Ver
2. Harry Franklyn Hargroves Cycles
3. Matt Webber Hackney GT
4. Jack Finch PM Racing
5. Matt Zeitz Pearson Cycles
6. Ben Lewis Hackney GT
7. Phil Glowinski VCL
8. Rob Purcell Mountain Trax
9. Vojtch Blazejovsky Brixton cycles
10. Jorge Monse London Dynamo
11. Kevin Ball Dulwich Paragon
12. Mick Vance Dulwich Paragon
13. Krisztian Borbely Cyclelab
14. Carl Findlay Cyclelab
15. Nick Benton Unattached
16. Richard Shilton Unattached
17. Jody Newman Unattached
18. Paul Burgoine Finchley
19. Greg Anderson Team Pro Bike Kit
20. Jessie Baines Unattached
21. Stanley Akinnibi Unattached
22. John Wright Unattached
23. Shane Pope Bayeux
24. Edwin Burden London Pheonix DNF.

ViCiOUS Doublecross Rider Info

Good morning everybody,

Sign on for today's event will be in the Herne Hill office building.

Race timing is as follows:

U10/U12 at 11am

U16/U14 at 11:15am

Prizes for all the above will take place as soon after the Youth race as possible -hopefully midday.

Juniors, Vets and Women will all then race for 40mins at 12:30pm

Seniors will race for 60mins at 2pm

There will be an overall points competition for anyone riding both today's and tomorrow's (VCL London League) events with prizes kindly donated by Rapha Racing and Divine Chocolate.

There will be more Divine Chocolate being given away during the races, so watchout for a cheeky hand up or two.

With all the rain falling on saturated ground, there is a fair bit of standing water on the course, so be prepared for a soggy one!

Look Mum No Hands will be doing soups and stews from their army trailer over both days.

@thelidlchef will be cooking up some ViCiOUS hot dogs, for that Belgian flavour and of course, there'll be the usual selection of ViCiOUS cakes which are in the oven as I type, while ViCiOUS Kev is busy stamping out Doublecross pin badges.

See you on the course!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ViCiOUS Double X - 22nd and 23rd December

Come buy the t shirts, badges, caps
Eat the hot food and drink the drinks

Just as much fun as last time with chocolate hand ups and people being sick.

22nd/23rd of December - Herne Hill Velodrome.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

When ViCiOUS went Euro

Into UCI heartland bolding being boring (buy t shirts now!)
Badass (18th) and Boom (26th) rode the Koppenberg cross with Po, Andy and Hinse in tow.
Race Photos on and Cyclephotos Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm so bored T-Shirts have arrived

£20 + £2 UK POSTAGE and we'll throw in some ViCiOUS badges too.

Postage to Europe is £3.50


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm so bored with the UCI

Oh, you're still here, huh?

Honestly, what the hell are the UCI playing at? This whole thing's dragging on and on and on with no real sign that anything's gonna change.

We've got T-shirts on the way: I'm so bored with the U.C.I. - are you? They should be with us at the beginning of November, 50 of 'em in total, mostly small, mediums and larges, plus a few extra larges for the fat gits amongst you. Call it £20 and we'll chuck in a couple of badges. Can't say fairer than that. Want to pre-order? Click here.

Tees are printed here in the UK by

Saturday, October 13, 2012

To whom it may concern

We're over, don't like you any more. Never liked you much before to be honest. Go away please

Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics: FuckYeahWomensRoadRace

Ever since male cyclists stopped taking EPO and blood transfusions and bought SRM's instead, road racing has been a boring and predictable procession. My ill-informed and over-thought explanation is that the playing field's got so level that attacking is futile - for every minute a contender spends churning out 6.5w/kg, you know they'll have to repay it with a period at 5.5w/kg, giving the person who's steadily knocking out 6w/kg a chance to catch up. It happened all through the Tour: Nibali attacks, Wiggins and Froome slowly peg him back. Softly, softly, catchee monkey.
On Sunday morning I didn't have high hopes for an exciting Women's road race. I was however fully committed to some serious sofa time, but after an hour of 30kph gruppo compatto I was counting sheep and expecting to drift off any momen...

Then Ellen Van Dijk happened.

Fuck me, what a rider! Attack! Attack! And then attack some more in a style we've not seen in men's road racing for years. By about the fifth time she shot off the front, through a wall of wet road spray, on yet another suicide mission I was smitten. When you dream about bike racing, this is what it looks like - aggressive, assertive, passionate, hard, EPIC.

Then Emma Pooley got active too - rather than covering moves, she started countering them. Chase 'em down, sprint straight past, look back and watch the carnage unfold. The hammer had well and truly been dropped and I - and it seemed the whole of twitter - was loving it.

By the time they got to the top of Box Hill for the second time it was shaping up to be a classic, and then Vos attacked, her match-stick thin arms almost buckling under the violence her legs were wreaking on her bike. And who was that immediately on her wheel? Only bloody Lizzie Armitstead (Armitstead with a T, thankyou) - you beauty!

The only time I feel as nervous, as shiver shake adrenalised, as I felt through that final 30km to the line is when I'm approaching a sprint in a bike race myself. Your head clears, your heart rattles, your arms feel empty and you feel shaky, like you've had too much coffee.
I had drunk too much coffee, but that's besides the point - I was watching a race that made me feel like I was there. It was beyond enthralling.

As they came into the Mall you couldn't help pre-emptively hanging the gold round Vos' neck - let's face it, the woman's unbeatable on two wheels. Armitstead did a good sprint, but second is the best you're ever going to get against Vos, and that's what happened.
Was I disappointed that the Brit didn't get win? Not really, I'd just watched the best race I've seen in almost a decade, and was so fired up I chucked my kit on and gladly went riding in the rain, trying to emulate Ellen Van Dijk for 2hrs on the slick sodden roads of Essex. I don't remember ever trying to emulate a female sportsperson before, but yesterday I did, and when we go to Crystal Palace tomorrow night, I'm going to remind myself of Emma Pooley and the way she rode so aggressively for the team. How good is that? The Women's Road Race wasn't just a brilliant advert for Women's road racing, Women's cycling or Women's sport, it was a massive win for sport full-stop.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Before there was cross

There was a time, long long ago, when I was still riding 8 speed and after the choppers without enough points to get their 2nd cat licence at the end of the season had finally realised this and put their road bikes back in the loft, that a weird bunch would be waking up from the summer slumber and dusting off their half-breed bikes, readying themselves for four months of slipping, sliding, running and jumping around muddy, frosty and downright horrible fields - the 'crossers' were a sometimes moody bunch, blinkered to the fun-time-frankies on their dandy fat tyred mounts, loud and brightly dressed - this wasn't what cross was about and they let us mountain bikers know it.

With this in mind, it was rare that I'd be hitting the pillow early on a Saturday night in order to be at my best for the grumblers with their wellies and clipboards come Sunday morning.
My idea of fun was hitting the town, checking out the chicks, showing them my moves and stumbling home with a pocket full of loose change and a chilli sauce smile.
Every now and then we'd break tradition and venture further afield. Usually around Christmas time as this was when we had time off work and enthusiasm for shenanigans. One popular choice for an away day was at one of the South East's premier, upmarket venues. Shoes polished, shirts and trousers ironed and a quick splash of Joop and we were ready to hit the CIRCUS TAVERN in Tilbury. Tilbury reminds me of the town in The Deer Hunter, grey, industrial and unwelcoming, but amid this apocalyptic landscape stands a shining beacon of hope, like a magnet for just legal lads to come and enjoy the spectacles of grown up culture, more often than not involving boobs, but in our case ARRAS (darts).
Professional athletes from around the globe would migrate to a low ceilinged, smoky piss hole to entertain a drunken rabble waiving home made signs in the hope that their unique brand of humour would make it onto national television & be seen by their less fortunate friends that couldn't make it.
Legendary commentator Sid Waddell could be seen in the booth looking for the next opportunity to deliver the next Waddell one liner.....
"There's no one quicker than these two tungsten tossers", that kind of thing.

So, the scene set for a great experience, beer flowing at 10.30am (we could only get tickets for the morning session), we settled in for the long haul. Voices croaking through smoke inhalation and shouting, the athletes produce their magic on the intensely hot stage. We witness greatness, although no sooner as the darts are hitting the board, my attention is wavering and all I long for is the next bout of DA DA DA DA DAAAA DA DA DA DA DAAAA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAA OI OI OI, as another leg draws to a close.
The game won and the punters more than well oiled, the lights come on and its time to head home, oblivious to who actually won, we make out way out into the bright sunshine and look through squinting eyes for our mini bus home.
All aboard we head south over the Thames and back to our spiritual home of the William Camden pub in Bexleyheath for round two of the Christmas bonanza.
More booze, shouting, Mr Porky's finest scratchings and even the chance to act out some of our heroes antics on the pub dart board - SO dangerous.
At this time I decide I'm invincible and hone in on a group of younger lads in the corner who I've never met before.
"I bet you everything in my pockets that I can do a handstand...... on this chair"
They look on in sympathy/envy at their role model of an elder generation.
I empty my pockets onto the table, iPhone, money, house keys, darts ticket, and proceed to grip the arms of the chair.
Now I've never done a handstand in my life, so why I thought I could do one after a morning of drinking I'll never know, let alone ON a fucking chair!
Of course, it was the booze that made me all of a sudden capable of anything, and to my amazement (and everyone else's) I execute the perfect handstand on the arms of the chair, load my pockets again, shout at the poor younguns and parade into the main bar area to demonstrate this new skill to my weary friends.
"Lads, watch this....."
Bollocks, no arms on this chair, but there's no going back now, and it could still work. I grab the upright back of the chair and lean forward, shaking slightly as I begin to lift my legs, friends backing away I get to a decent height before I have a moment of clarity and realise that this won't work.
All of my weight is now on the back of the chair and its going only one way. Suddenly, physics take over and like a tree in a forest, I come unceremoniously and very noisily crashing down onto the nearby table, sending drinks, fag boxes and phones flying in all directions.
This hasn't gone unnoticed by the horrified bar staff and I get a stern dressing down, but amazingly not thrown out - Christmas spirit at its best.
My ear badly bruised and my ego more so, we decide to leave, agreeing to go back to someones house to carry on drinking, because thats what we all need - right?
Seven of us end up in the kitchen of Brad's parent's place, they're away for the x-mas break and theres a bottle of Limoncello on the side which is begging to be drunk. This type of drink can only be drunk in a drinking game. 
With rules made up we set about playing, and playing badly, I think it only lasted about half an hour before we had our first looser. The fore fit was horrific and not one of my proudest moments I have to admit.
Brad's little brother (who was away with the family) had received a puppy staff for Christmas (and for life), and the poor thing was in the kitchen, in a cage, with a bunch of drunken reprobates, one of which was about to play 'biscuit in the bum' for his rubbishness.
Trousers and pants down and kneeling on all fours, a crunchy roll shape biscuit with a delicious meaty centre was wedged into Rich's bum cheeks, laughing uncontrollably and with camera phones filming, it was down to Brad to release the pup, already slobbering and wagging his tail at the prospect of an unexpected treat, one last deep breath for all and the pin was lifted on the door of the cage.... I won't go into detail but it was so bloody funny like you wouldn't believe.
The next hour or so is a bit of a blur, but I know the house I was in is in walking distance from where I was living at the time, so why I decided to get in cab with three others and go completely the opposite direction I'll never know, but once I realised what I'd done, I got the well known watery mouth syndrome which means only one thing - pukey time, "STOP THE FUCKING CAR"..... I jump out and puke and wander off into the night, which was now early morning.
Stumbling around I come to a door that looks familiar - knock knock..... knock knock, "who's that?" came the voice from inside..... "its Sheers", "what the fuck do you want?".....
"I haven't got a clue where I am mate"...
The door opens and a friendly, if a little angry face welcomes me into his front room, Evsy baby calls a cab, chucks me in it and sends me home.
A night to forget, remember and the forget again. 

And that is why I now ride cyclocross.
There are some utter twats out there, and I used to be one of them, I wasn't clever, but I was, and still am ViCiOUS till I die, I'm ViCiOUS till  I die, I know I am I'm sure I am I'm ViCiOUS till I die....
Peace out knobbers

Friday, June 1, 2012

Custom ViCiOUS Specialized Prevail. Bad. Ass. Look at the font they used - nice touch, ey?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A long time coming......

I've never done this blogging before so forgive me if I waffle. In fact don't forgive me, mug me off next time you see me.

I was supposed to start my summer race season on April 1st this year, even if it was my birthday, I was planning an all out assault on the Mud, Sweat & Gears Eastern Mountain Bike Series, determined to win the Sport category. Its a five race series through April, May and June and having done a couple last year, really like the format and the courses.
After a long, hard cross season, a brake from racing in March was much welcomed. Short though it was, it gave my legs and mind the time needed to recoup and regain the enthusiasm for racing. Queue a big oily spanner in the works in the third week of March in the form of a chest infection - wizard!

I'm not a big fan of the doctors. but needs must so off I trot to see 'a' doctor, not 'my' doctor, just 'a' doctor that might be available when I'm there.
In I stroll and explain the symptoms, she listens to my chest as I breathe and confirms that I have a chest infection - thanks doc!
Then perusing my notes and mid conversation, she slips in that "you have spin-bifida, is the pain constant?".............. WHAT?
Long story short, its nothing to worry about, but I'm going to have it checked out at Kings College Hospital next week.
So a course of antibiotics later and the chest is still not cleared entirely but there's no way I'm going back to the quacks so just dose up on stuff I can buy over the counter and get on the bike again - BANG, manflu, which triggers off the chest again which in turn means I have a week off work (and the bike).
Not the start I was hoping for!

Right, back to the whole point of this blog entry, racing.
I missed the first round of the M,S&G series but was ready and raring to go come round 2 which was at Hylands Park in Chelmsford.
Days of heavy rain had flooded 60% of the course, the worst section was hub deep in water so the bikes took a real pounding.
My cyclocross skills obviously paid off and I won a very tough race in just under two hours, comfortably beating 2nd place by nearly three minutes.
I didn't know I'd won though, what with lapped riders and other categories starting in front of me, so only when half way home and recounting the day with Big Bobby P did it dawn on me that I may have won.
No photographers made it on the day due to flooding, and I didn't make the podium (if there was one), some may doubt that I actually won!

The following week ViCiOUS Kev and I were off to Ixworth for a bank holiday Monday village centre crit session, Kevin had ridden it before and rightly sung its praises. A great days racing which reminded me of the good ol'days of town centre racing, Bexleyheath, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Chatham..... none of which are run anymore - bloody Sunday shopping put paid to that.
Anyway, the format for us was a 20 minute race each to warm up, then an invitational race later in the day, A or B depending on how you impressed the judges. The short race meant it was frantic from the start and moving up on the tight circuit tricky. Starting at the back was my downfall and after 20mins of gasping for air, rolled over the line in 8th place, not enough to catch anyones eye so I was off in invitational B - 40mins plus 5 laps.
Kevin had a similar race and was 14th, a great result considering the Raleigh Skoda pro team had shown up on mass to take all the prizes.

After a few more races and a fair bit of rain, it was time for the final invitational races, I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to get going, but we'd come a long way for only 20 minutes, so going I got, and after 5 laps, the whistle and flag signalled that there was a prime to be had next time around. With breaks often formed after primes I thought I'd keep my eye open for a potential wheel to jump onto. I chose the wrong one and watched helplessly as a rider from Welwyn Wheelers disappeared off up the road - marvellous!
Here goes nothing I thought and pedalled hard out of the top corner and away down the back straight, quick check under the arm and no ones coming with me so I tuck into the drops of my newly built up Specialized and settle in for a long chase - around 30 minutes later and no closer to or further away from the winner, I cross the line in 2nd place having lapped nearly everyone else, some twice. Turns out the winner should have been in the A invitational, but I wasn't going to start kicking up a fuss about that.
Kev does have a picture of me clutching some very welcome winnings I believe...... ah, here it is, cheers Kev.

Next up was round three of the M,S&G Eastern Series which was also the Eastern Area MTB Championships. Held at Thetford Forest where I'd never ridden before, but been to watch & was really looking forward to it, hoping quietly for another win.
A blustery and dry Saturday coupled with sandy, well draining soil meant it was going to be a dry and fast race.
Sundays weather was the same again and there was even some warmth in the sunshine, this is more like it I thought.
Elite/Experts first, then Masters, then Juniors, then my lot, the Sports category, all gridded according to overall standings in the series. For some reason I was called up first in the Sports which I wasn't going to argue with, but even then I was on the 6th row of the grid with a good 40 riders in front of me. It was going to be a frantic start, sightly down hill, tailwind and on hard pack fire road. The guy next to me asked if I was planning on moving over at the start to give him room, must be a newbie I thought! But, with the words of John Mullineux in my mind "be nice to each other"refrained from telling him to do one and said it depends where they go, pointing to the riders in front.
15 seconds to go, grip the bars, deep breath.......... PEEEEEEEEEEP went the whistle, backwards went seemingly everyone else as I banged down the gears and through the field, dust and stones flying and crashing into carbon down tubes, making a horrible cracking noise.
Quarter of a mile or so of sprinting elbow to elbow at the sharp end before hard braking for a 90 degree left into a grassed fire road, knowing the next turn would take us into a block headwind, I settled in behind a big fella biding my time.
25 metres or so before the next right hander I popped out from the string and pushed harder and braked later than most and was then comfortably into 3rd place. 
The top guys were really charging on and I was thinking I won't be here for very long. Sure enough, a few came past me seemingly knowing my shortfalls in the tight, twisty single track sections to come. Thetford has miles of them too so I was in for a hard time.
Half a lap went by until anyone that I recognised as a Sport rider came past me, and there were two of them, another half lap with them before they proceeded to drop me in the technical bits. Two laps on my own before catching one of them back again, he then sat on me for the whole lap, a quick brake test to get him in front and give me a rest. I was getting the hang of the single track now and he was slowing me up so put a big dig in after the headwind section and he was history. Now, where's the leader? The next three laps saw us checking each others positions at exactly the same point on the 7km lap. Eventually after 6 laps & 1hr 50mins I came across the line absolutely spent, back, calves and bingo wings aching and my mind still racing, no doubt fuelled by the gels and energy drinks that I'd probably OD'd on during the race.
46 seconds behind the winner and an overall finishing position of 10th of 71 starters and I was a happy bunny.
Photos seem hard to come by from these races, but here's one of my medals what I got from the MTB races. I like medals, but prefer ca$h.
Next up is the first of the Beastway Wednesday night mtb races at Hog Hill, I'm riding Expert this year so will see how that goes. Gonna get my butt kicked in the Divisional Champs road race this Sunday, then its off to France with the ViCiOUS massive for a training camp (le pi$$ up), which unfortunately means I miss the 4th of the M,S&G series so will have to make sure I win the 5th and final round on June 17th to give myself any chance of taking the overall.

Well that is a load of waffle, you were warned.
Peace out mofos

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ViCiOUS Caps

ViCiOUS Caps yeehhhh. 1 cap, cotton made by Mama Demaggio in Italy, comes with badges.

 £10 on Pay Pal + £1 UK first class postage

We'll also send to Europe but first drop us an email for details

Or ask us when you see us, we'll be lugging a few round to the races we go to.

Or go into Condor Cycles they sell them there too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Under the Influence or Hearing Voices*

*Couldn’t decide what to title this post, so I went for two titles. Delete as appropriate.

The other day, after Milan-San Remo, I was thinking how much watching bike racing inspires me. I’m not the only person that shares this belief., not by a zillion kilometers, but being inspired by something is a pretty powerful thing, isn’t it? Milan-San Remo was the epitome of the adage ‘chess on wheels’. I’m not saying Gerrans didn’t deserve the win, far from it, his reading of the race was incredible, but I felt no emotion when he raised his hands. Not happy, not sad.

Anyway, I’m getting off the point. You can find inspiration in everything if you know where to look. Sometimes you’re not even looking and then WALLOP, it’s there! Sunny days, whatever it is. Watching bike racing reminds me of watching skate videos of the pros and then attempting to emulate them, but on a scaled down level. They were throwing themselves down handrails. I was waxing a 4” curb. They’re attacking on the Muur…

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never mind the Belgians...

Last time I was in Belgium a women old enough to have given birth to my parents propositioned me in a bar after asking me if I knew any members of the royal family. A bar that, I shit you not, had more dogs than customers. One of the other patrons rubbed his balls on my mates leg while talking to him about importing some of his local beer. He also looked a little bit like Aphex Twin in that Windowlicker video.

We met another bloke that night in the bar, that, after a lengthy stay in prison, did a runner to Basildon in Essex. He showed us his scars from where he was stabbed. Lots.

It was a great night.

This is a great saddle. Selle San Marco's Regal E Belgian Edition.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

ViCiOUS SERRL 'Summer' League round 1

Results from today's ViCiOUS SERRL. 80 started but only 26 finished, it was grim out there.

Stephen Adams took the winner takes all £100 prize.

James Moss won the most ViCiOUS rider prize of a hand knitted ViCiOUS VELO red number 1 and £50.

Laterne Rouge, Phil Dempsey won a camelback to go mountain biking with.

1 Stephen Adams Cyclepremier Racing Team
2 Lewis Atkins
3 Wouter Sybrandy Team IG – Sigma Sport
4 James Moss NODE4 – Giordana Racing
5 Nicolas Hutchings CS Grupetto
6 Chris McNamara Pedal Heaven RT
7 Allan Ridler Pedal Heaven
8 Paul Pickup Pedal Heaven
9 Chris Morrison London Dynamo cc
10 francis cade VO2 Development Team
11 David Creeggan Pedal Heaven RT
12 Phil Starr Python rt
13 Nicholas Baker Zappis CC
14 John Heaton-Armstrong Felt-Colbornes RT
15 Anthony Moye Velo29 OTR Vankru
16 Pete Wager Felt-Colbornes RT
17 joe norledge velo 29, OTR, VANKRU
18 Lawrence Carpenter V02 Development
19 Tao Geoghegan Hart Cycling Club Hackney
20 Mark McCullagh Dulwich Paragon
21 Robin Kirk Kingston wheelers
22 Zappi Flavio Zappis CC
23 Ciaran O’Grady Team Toachim
24 Keith Henderson Condor Cycles
25 Steven Smith Clay Cross RT
26 Phil dempsey Aprire RT

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We won the London Cyclo Cross league team champs. We beat them all. End of story. That's the cross season over, it was good and Badass was bad. Now it's time to dust off our road and mountain bikes for the spring and summer.

We'd also like to announce the launch of our new clothing range called Chopper. It's a bit like the other stuff you buy but more expensive. Keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silver Surfer

Silver in the National Trophy Series for Dennis Beddis (left).
And each ViCiOUS rider picking up at least 1 National Ranking Point.
Your mum couldn't manage that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ViCiOUS CX Nationals coverage

Cyclephotos did a ViciOUS special from the Cross Nationals in Ipswich last weekend.

Nobody's sure what Paul was doing with his bike over the hurdles but he looks to be enjoying himself so that's alright.

Final results were:

Badass 8th
Boom 17th
Andy 34th
Paul 43rd
Ben 49th
Kev 25th