Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Under the Influence or Hearing Voices*

*Couldn’t decide what to title this post, so I went for two titles. Delete as appropriate.

The other day, after Milan-San Remo, I was thinking how much watching bike racing inspires me. I’m not the only person that shares this belief., not by a zillion kilometers, but being inspired by something is a pretty powerful thing, isn’t it? Milan-San Remo was the epitome of the adage ‘chess on wheels’. I’m not saying Gerrans didn’t deserve the win, far from it, his reading of the race was incredible, but I felt no emotion when he raised his hands. Not happy, not sad.

Anyway, I’m getting off the point. You can find inspiration in everything if you know where to look. Sometimes you’re not even looking and then WALLOP, it’s there! Sunny days, whatever it is. Watching bike racing reminds me of watching skate videos of the pros and then attempting to emulate them, but on a scaled down level. They were throwing themselves down handrails. I was waxing a 4” curb. They’re attacking on the Muur…

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never mind the Belgians...

Last time I was in Belgium a women old enough to have given birth to my parents propositioned me in a bar after asking me if I knew any members of the royal family. A bar that, I shit you not, had more dogs than customers. One of the other patrons rubbed his balls on my mates leg while talking to him about importing some of his local beer. He also looked a little bit like Aphex Twin in that Windowlicker video.

We met another bloke that night in the bar, that, after a lengthy stay in prison, did a runner to Basildon in Essex. He showed us his scars from where he was stabbed. Lots.

It was a great night.

This is a great saddle. Selle San Marco's Regal E Belgian Edition.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

ViCiOUS SERRL 'Summer' League round 1

Results from today's ViCiOUS SERRL. 80 started but only 26 finished, it was grim out there.

Stephen Adams took the winner takes all £100 prize.

James Moss won the most ViCiOUS rider prize of a hand knitted ViCiOUS VELO red number 1 and £50.

Laterne Rouge, Phil Dempsey won a camelback to go mountain biking with.

1 Stephen Adams Cyclepremier Racing Team
2 Lewis Atkins
3 Wouter Sybrandy Team IG – Sigma Sport
4 James Moss NODE4 – Giordana Racing
5 Nicolas Hutchings CS Grupetto
6 Chris McNamara Pedal Heaven RT
7 Allan Ridler Pedal Heaven
8 Paul Pickup Pedal Heaven
9 Chris Morrison London Dynamo cc
10 francis cade VO2 Development Team
11 David Creeggan Pedal Heaven RT
12 Phil Starr Python rt
13 Nicholas Baker Zappis CC
14 John Heaton-Armstrong Felt-Colbornes RT
15 Anthony Moye Velo29 OTR Vankru
16 Pete Wager Felt-Colbornes RT
17 joe norledge velo 29, OTR, VANKRU
18 Lawrence Carpenter V02 Development
19 Tao Geoghegan Hart Cycling Club Hackney
20 Mark McCullagh Dulwich Paragon
21 Robin Kirk Kingston wheelers
22 Zappi Flavio Zappis CC
23 Ciaran O’Grady Team Toachim
24 Keith Henderson Condor Cycles
25 Steven Smith Clay Cross RT
26 Phil dempsey Aprire RT