Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never mind the Belgians...

Last time I was in Belgium a women old enough to have given birth to my parents propositioned me in a bar after asking me if I knew any members of the royal family. A bar that, I shit you not, had more dogs than customers. One of the other patrons rubbed his balls on my mates leg while talking to him about importing some of his local beer. He also looked a little bit like Aphex Twin in that Windowlicker video.

We met another bloke that night in the bar, that, after a lengthy stay in prison, did a runner to Basildon in Essex. He showed us his scars from where he was stabbed. Lots.

It was a great night.

This is a great saddle. Selle San Marco's Regal E Belgian Edition.


  1. I stopped at a bar in the Pajottenland on Sunday morning with some friends. Four men were watching the Disney Channel. One of them came over, offered me a wet hand to shake before saying something like 'the toilet is over there but there's nowhere to wash your hands'. He was right. Same bar maybe.

  2. Haha! That is amazing. Quite likely the same dude that was rubbing his balls on my mates leg.

    I vaguely remember the toilets being up a set of really steep stairs. I say stairs, they were more of a ladder. A tad sketchy after a few glasses of Witcap Pater or whatever it was called.

    I love Belgium. And Belgians.


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