Saturday, December 22, 2012

ViCiOUS Doublecross Rider Info

Good morning everybody,

Sign on for today's event will be in the Herne Hill office building.

Race timing is as follows:

U10/U12 at 11am

U16/U14 at 11:15am

Prizes for all the above will take place as soon after the Youth race as possible -hopefully midday.

Juniors, Vets and Women will all then race for 40mins at 12:30pm

Seniors will race for 60mins at 2pm

There will be an overall points competition for anyone riding both today's and tomorrow's (VCL London League) events with prizes kindly donated by Rapha Racing and Divine Chocolate.

There will be more Divine Chocolate being given away during the races, so watchout for a cheeky hand up or two.

With all the rain falling on saturated ground, there is a fair bit of standing water on the course, so be prepared for a soggy one!

Look Mum No Hands will be doing soups and stews from their army trailer over both days.

@thelidlchef will be cooking up some ViCiOUS hot dogs, for that Belgian flavour and of course, there'll be the usual selection of ViCiOUS cakes which are in the oven as I type, while ViCiOUS Kev is busy stamping out Doublecross pin badges.

See you on the course!

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