Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ViCiOUS Heroes #1 Andy Holden

Holden, centre, chasing Dave Bedford (right)
When ViCiOUS dies, we want our obituary to read exactly like Andy Holden's. What a guy! Anyone whose obituary includes nuggets such as:
 At his peak, he achieved an ambition to run 100 miles and drink 100 pints in a single week
Holden was opposed to the privatisation of dentistry, fearing that those in need could find it more difficult to access services, and he remained an NHS-only dentist throughout his career 
On one of his training runs, Holden came across a dog which had been weighed down with bricks and left to drown in a canal. He adopted it, and Schnicky became his faithful companion
get's our stamp of approval.

You really don't get better than that. Sixty five was too young for Holden to die: he epitomised a lot of what ViCiOUS stands for and gets a permanent plaque (he was a dentist after all) on the ViCiOUS Wall of Fame. To sport and beer!