Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Caps are back

Oi you mugs! Our caps are back in stock. Anyone can have a little bit of ViCiOUS Velo. 

£10 inc free UK postage and we can send worldwide.

Click here

Thursday, October 2, 2014


THIS SUNDAY YOU MUGS!!!! Round 5 of the London Cyclocross League at Hog Hill.

NB Non London League members: standard entry is £15 for adults but you will need to register with the league, either in advance or on the day which is an additional £5. This covers your electronic timing chip and number - them's the rules I'm afraid.


ViCiOUS hurdles!

We will be retailing our legendary caps and T-shirts.

Curly Wurly pit - these will not be handed up coz Commissaires count that as "hand-ups"

£1 pit - grab a voucher and hand it in at the end to claim £1 back!

5 spot prizes of £10 for MOST ViCiOUS RIDER - awarded at ViCiOUS' discretion where we see fit...

Along with the usual cash-money, prizes to include ViCiOUS VELO caps and T-shirts and maybe a Belgian tipple or two and of course no ViCiOUS cross race would be complete without a truly badass trophy to celebrate the occasion...

Work in progress, or course